Diaconate Board

The Diaconate Board cooperates with the pastoral staff, other boards and committees in overseeing the spiritual affairs of the church. Diaconate members prepare for and assist in administering the Ordinance of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. They also participate in the distribution of home communion, arrange for guest speakers in the temporary absence of the pastor and develop a visitation program within the membership; nurturing evangelism, prayer-life and fellowship.

There are 15 members on the board. Members serve three-year terms with 5 members elected by the congregation each year.

Current members include:

  • Maunie Ketchner
  • Shelly Woods
  • Heather Schultz-Piche
  • Bob Brookins
  • Gayle Crowley
  • Vi Pettigrew
  • Sandy Schultz
  • Nan Torrey
  • Geoff O’Dell
  • Deb Wuethrich
  • Laurie MacNeill
  • Jerry Nutt
  • Jodie Martin
  • Lynn Brown
  • Donna DeLong